Chef’s Corner - Fruity chocolate soup treat

This is something that all you dessert lovers will like for sure.

This is something that all you dessert lovers will like for sure.


240g of good quality dark chocolate

120g of butter

120g granulated sugar

1 pint of stock syrup (Boiled and cooled sugar with cinnamon stick. Add two oranges and two lemons, squeezed, boiled and reduced to a syrup consistency).

2 tablespoons of chocolate powder.


Place the lot into a large pot with a realy thick bottom . Boil and simmer, stirring regularly until a glossy syrup remains and there you have a wonderful chocolate sauce .

Now for a top tip, I like to add some raspberries to mine for a little sharpness.

In a cup gently greased with a little butter, add any fruits of your choice - banana, raspberries and kiwi in this case.

Gently microwave for 30 seconds. Pop on to your soup plate and finish with the chocolate sauce.

You can also add ice-cream, or serve it over baked coconut or dried orange slices.

This is a great little dish and really simple.

The chocolate sauce in a jar with a home made label for Christmas is a perfect little gift from the children to relatives, and should get a few star points for the festive season.

- Chef Chris Sandford of the Moat Cafe in Naas writes the weekly Chef’s Corner column in the Leinster Leader