Chicken burger with a twist



Chcken has never been so affordable and with a variety of birds at hand, you really can find a few bargains.

As far as burgers go, this is a real treat. It’s simple to prepare, jammed with flavour and just oozes with taste.

For two portions you will need:

* 2 breasts of chicken, trimmed

* 2 tablespoons of medium curry powder

* Half cup of mayonnaise

* 2 tablespoons of pesto

* Half cup of shredded iceberg lettuce

* 1 small red onion shredded

* 2 sesame buns

* Small red pimento

Firstly, coat your chicken breasts in the curry powder. Next, gently cook in a little rapeseed oil with touch of butter . Then pop into the oven, set at a moderate heat, gas 4 or electric 160 until cooked. Turn your supreme over after 7-8 minutes .

In the meantime, add your mayonnaise and pesto together and mix well. Peel and slice your onion.Slice your pimento thinly and toast your buns.

Mix a little of your mayonnaise with the lettuce.

Now to serve, place the bun on the plate add your pimento and lettuce then your cooked chicken breast. Top with the mayonnaise and the top of the bun .

This is great served with potato salad and chick pea salad, with coriander and natural yogurt.

Happy Cooking! Chris

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