Chef’s Corner - Turkey Goujons

Welcome and happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.

Welcome and happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.

The Thanksgiving holiday fell this year on Thursday November 22 -.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we have created a little number that is so tasty and quick you just can’t believe it’s so good.

It also gives you a little insight to my show this week at the Moat where I will be taking the drama out of the turkey and giving you a few little tips on just how versatile the bird is, so please come along and join in the fun .

Turkey Goujons


6 - 8 goujons of turkey, cut evenly

Gently coat the goujons with some seasoned flour and a little paprika.

Then pass through some egg wash and then some fresh breadcrumbs.

Once you have done this, add some egg wash to your left-over flour mix until you have a little batter.

Mix and add some vinegar and milk for a smooth batter.

Chop come courgettes and onions into rings, coat in a little flour and then your batter. Cook in some hot fat until golden, then finish with some sea salt.

Finally, gently fry your turkey goujons unil golden, and finish in a medium oven until you are ready to serve.

Happy cooking!


Moat Cafe chef Chris Sandford writes the ‘Chef’s Corner’ column every week in the Leinster Leader