Recipe of the week - Quick and easy White Chocolate Mousse

This really is the best, quickest and most delicious chocolate recipe that you will ever cook.

This really is the best, quickest and most delicious chocolate recipe that you will ever cook.

It’s just a perfect little dish, and the possibilities are astronomical with the addition of some rum or Baileys and raspberries.


For around four medium portions - or two large, if you feel like treating yourself - you will need:

- 4 egg yolks

- The same volume of caster sugar (yes, that’s right, just have a look at the size of the egg yolks and match them to the sugar)

- 210g melted white chocolate (or dark, if you prefer, for a dark chocolate mousse. Remember the higher the cocoa content the better the quality)

- Half a pint of double cream, whipped and left to sit in the fridge until required.

- Dash of rum or brandy


Create a Bain Marie. This is a bowl that fits over a pot with boiling water in it - around a third of the bowl should be in the water. Keep the pot on the heat.

Add your sugar and eggs to the Bain Marie and mix well. Add the dash of rum or brandy (or, if the mousse is for the children, then add a little dash of concentrated orange juice).

Whisk gently and do not let the mix wander all over the bowl - keep it in the centre and keep constantly whisking. Now, watch what happens - the mix will change colour it and become really light.

Whip until it becomes the same consistency as the whipped double cream, then remove the bowl from the heat.

Add your melted chocolate that you have broken into even pieces to a bowl, and transfer the bowl to the Bain Marie.

Don’t mix it or move it or mess about with it, just let the chocolate melt.

When it is melted, add the whipped egg and sugar mixture and mix well; then your double cream and mix well.

Pour into glasses or a mould, and leave to set - around an hour in the bottom of your fridge, the coldest part, will do it, but overnight is best for a really professional finish.

You can top it off with a little whipped cream with some grated chocolate and fresh fruit.

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