Urgent help needed for dog - Kildare Animal Foundation appeal

Last Thursday week a lady called to our gate in a very distressed state.

Last Thursday week a lady called to our gate in a very distressed state.

For seven days previous, a dog had been visiting her garden.

He was emaciated and very frightened, so much so that when he saw anyone he would just run away and hide.

On the Wednesday night she managed to coax him inside a shed. The next morning when it was bright enough, she went to check on him and to her horror could see the severe injury he had to his neck; she knew then that he was in serious trouble.

Michael and I responded to her plea of help and drove to her home. He was lying there shaking with fear and not wanting to be touched.

Michael bravely went inside and tried to befriend him with some food. After ten minutes Michael emerged with the poor abused lurcher in his arms.

Once safely in the van we rushed him straight to our vet. It was there that the full horror of his injury was revealed. He had a rope similar to that used for washing lines embedded deeply into his neck. The wound was badly infected and alive with maggots. The odour coming from the wound was stomach churning.

Having receiving strong pain killers and antibiotics he was bandaged up and placed on a drip to help save his life, and subsequently operated on.

Silas, as we have called him, has now returned home to the shelter, where our small team of volunteers will take care of him.

They have the skills and commitment to nurse him back to health. It will take him several weeks, if not months to recover from his ordeal.

This is where we need your help.

We are on very limited funds, in a financial no man’s land. We are asking if you can spare even just a few euros towards our Silas’ vet bill and care.

We understand that times are hard for everyone but just a small donation will help Silas and others in a similar situation, that will need on-going veterinary care and attention in the next few months...

We would be extremely grateful if you would be willing to help, by making a donation.

You can donate directly to our vet’s bill if you wish – Hawkfield Veterinary Clinic, Hawkfield, Newbridge 045 436643 or to Kildare Animal Foundation, South Green Road, Kildare Town. Tel: 045 522929 or email info@animalfoundation

We appreciate all your help and support and we thank you in advance for your kindness.

- Dan Donoher, Kildare Animal Foundation