Minky’s case of mistaken identity

This week I’d like to tell you about a sick ferret that arrived at the shelter recently.

This week I’d like to tell you about a sick ferret that arrived at the shelter recently.

Minky, as he is now known, was found by a member of the public curled up under an oil heating tank. She was unsure of what kind of animal he was and someone had suggested he might have been a mink.

She cautiously placed the sick “mink” on a blanket in a box. She then brought him to her local vet who examined him, and it was he who told her he was in fact a pet ferret.

He was most likely a well-cared for pet at one time as he was very friendly even in his sick and stressed state so he either escaped or was abandoned. Minky was covered from head to toe in ticks and was severely underweight and dehydrated; he also was suffering from a badly infected ear.

The vet then placed him on IV fluids and started him on antibiotics. After a couple of days Minky started to feel better and started to eat on his own. The vet then called me to see if we could help with the rest of Minky’s recovery back at the shelter. I quickly agreed as at the Animal Foundation we never refuse a sick or injured animal, domestic or wild. We believe that every animal is worth trying to save and we will do our best to do that once it is in the animal’s best interest.

Minky has now been with us for over a week and has greatly improved; he is eating well and starting to gain weight. Once Minky has returned to full health and has been neutered he will go up for rehoming.

Ferrets make great pets and have distinctive, engaging personalities and a playful, sociable nature.

They are better kept in pairs or as a group as they enjoy the company of other ferrets.

If you are thinking of getting a ferret as a pet please do your homework on what they need and make sure you have lots of time to give them. If you can provide for a ferret’s needs, you will have a wonderful, loving, furry, little companion.

If you would like more information on adopting a ferret please get in touch on 045 522929.

We will keep you updated on Minky’s progress.