Edenderry man Adrian Brereton’s weight loss continues after Operation Transformation

THERE’S no stopping Adrian Brereton now.

THERE’S no stopping Adrian Brereton now.

The Edenderry man continues to lose weight and live a healthier life even after his successful appearance on the RTE Operation Transformation programme, which saw him lose almost three stones in weight.

And his message is to take it easy.

“The main thing is to not let the weight loss task take over your life. A new healthy way of living is for life but you have to have a balance and it took me time to learn this,” he told the Leader.

These days when Adrian plays a game of golf he comes home to eat a chicken salad.

“I could have chips, and in the past I would have, but I wouldn’t have felt good about it the next morning.

“I believe that eating normally is the key to long term success and to losing weight gradually and keeping it off. I can play a full 18 holes of golf now and not worry about getting tired and still be able to do a 5 kilometre walk afterwards. “I couldn’t have done that a few months ago,” he said.

Adrian comes from a well known sporting family and his son Cain, a goalkeeper, plays soccer with the Edenderry Town under 16 side in the Kildare and District Underage League. He also plays for the KDUL representative side.

Apart from Adrian being physically fitter, there are other obvious changes – his wedding ring has been taken down 8 sizes so it doesn’t fall off his finger and he now fits into a 36 inch waist trousers (he used to wear a size 42).

When he first weighed in at the start of Operation Transformation last January, he was 19 stone 3lbs. He lost nearly three stone during the course of the show, about another stone since the programme ended.

“I look at the kind of food I used to eat like snack boxes and I say ‘what’s the point, I’m 41 and it’s too hard to get rid of it’. There is plenty of healthy food about and I’m lucky in that I don’t drink.”

Now Adrian hopes to keep losing weight until he’s down to about 14 1/2 stone.

“I’ve had great support from my family and Anna [his wife] has lost two stones, as well as support from lots of people in Edenderry.”

He has also slimmed down his wardrobe in that he has dumped all of the clothes that are now too big for him to wear.

“Some of them I bought only last November but I don’t want to go back to that weight so I’ve got rid of them.”