Bread, bathtub sledding and igloo sessions - No shortage of craic in Kildare during Storm Emma

The most Irish things that happened during the snow

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Bread, bathtub sledding and igloo sessions - No shortage of craic in Kildare during Storm Emma

TOP: Kilcock igloo trad session, TV3's Aisling Ni Choisdealbh in Maynooth BOTTOM: Veg sold out in Tesco Monread, bathtub sledding in Clondalkin

There’s something to be said about the Irish sense of humour.

Even through the chaos and cabin fever, Irish people still managed to see the funny side to Beast from The East and Storm Emma.

You know things are bad when Penneys shut shop and the Late Late can’t get a sinner on the show.

Firstly, the bread saga. 

Before the storm even hit our shores, many shops were selling out of staples like bread, milk and veg. 

No bread in Tesco, Monread on Tuesday February 27

People were going as far as flogging bread online, such was the demand for a good batch of Brennan's.

Bread dealers were even caught selling the stuff on the streets. The country went stone mad for the sliced pan.

Those who stocked up had the last laugh, though.

Secondly, going viral. 

There's always one.

Let’s not forget the poor soul who slipped on ice during an RTÉ news bulletin in 2010, whose video was doing the rounds on Social Media again during the storm, and the classic 2015 Teresa Mannion ‘don’t take unnecessary journeys, don’t take risks on treacherous roads”...

One man in Maynooth wanted to be remembered during the big snow of 2018.

TV3 were broadcasting live from the town on March 1, when a man creeped up behind reporter Aisling Ni Choisdealbh and hit her on the head with a snowball.

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She laughed saying; “Oh lovely, that’s what happens on live TV!”. She handled it like a true pro, in fairness.

3. A sesiun in the snow 

The most Irish thing I seen during Storm Emma.

Kilcock igloo builders Kevin Carr and Sean Brilly broke out the instruments for a good oul trad session in an igloo at Baker’s Walk.

“First time playing a session in an igloo!,” says Kevin. “We’ve no Brennan’s Bread, we’ve got Vintage Powers instead!” 

Igloos were even advertised for rent on

 4. Search for the most Irish snowman 

From a ‘stun hun’ to an ‘Irish mammy’ and a ‘Michael D Higgins’, there were no shortage of creative snowmen knocking around.

One Naas family decided to go above and beyond with theirs.

Father and son duo Anthony and Jim Gallagher went viral with their 11 foot snowman, recreated in the same spot it was first made during snow in 1997. 

5. Sledding and skiing improvisation 

Let's face it the country isn't very equipped for this sort of weather. And many made the best of what they had to enjoy the snow.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, a video was doing the rounds of a truck towing a bathtub down the snow in Clondalkin. Safe to say we’ll be putting in a solid team for the Winter Olympics in 2022.

7. Post Christmas fear 

Many compared going back to work after the snow to the Christmas break: a couple of stone heavier and nursing a healthy hangover. There were even a few sightings of Christmas trees back up. 

The severity of it all really was snow joke but trust the Irish to plough through.

Community spirit was well and truly alive in different parts of the county, with people out at the crack of dawn with shovels to tackle the heavy fall.  One thing’s for sure, we will not be forgetting about the big snow of 2018 anytime soon!