Funding for Pedestrian Crossing

Funding for Pedestrian Crossing

Cllr. Seamus Langan has been informed by Kildare County Council that there is no funding available for a Pedestrian Crossing at Derrinturn. They said that if funding becomes available in the future, then the request can be considered.

The Derrinturn Community Development Group are very unhappy about the serious situation that currently exists at Derrinturn School and they are worried that children may be in danger when crossing the road at school times, due to the extra-vehicular traffic.

The Group have pledged will continue to seek a Pedestrian Crossing for the school in order to eliminate a serious accident.

On-going Odour Problems at Carbury Mushroom Factory

Kildare County Council requested a report from Carbury Compost Ltd in relation to complaints about Odour Problems from the plant.

The Council received the following reply from Carbury Compost Ltd on 10th April.

The assessment was based on Phase i and Phase ii odour emissions from the composting facility and the monitoring was completed in accordance with best practice odour monitoring methodology. Odour monitoring from the 40 metre Phase I stack and a representative number of phase ii stacks on site was completed along with an odour dispersing modelling assessment of the odour emissions from Phase I and Phase ii of the facility.

The report concluded that the collection of air from the newly constructed infrastructure in Phase I and emissions through the 40 metre stack on the site has significantly reduced the odour emissions from this Phase of the process.

However, the modelled emissions from the Phase ii tunnel stacks indicate that dispersion of the odours from these sources is not as effective as the 40 metre stack.

Clarification Requested by Council

Having reviewed the report, Kildare County Council has requested further information from Carbury Compost Ltd on a number of technical points raised in the report. Potential odour removal and control methods that may be used for the Phase I and Phase ii processes on site were recorded in the Monitoring Report.

Kildare County Council has requested Carbury Compost Ltd to outline their progress to date with regard to their decision on the odour abatement technology to be used and the time scale for the installation of such odour abatement.

The Company has been given until 11th May to reply to Kildare County Council in relation to the points raised.

Carbury Active Retirement Group angry with HSE

The HSE have sold the Old Health Centre and Doctor’s Residence at Carbury Village to Kildare County Council. One of the buildings will soon be demolished to accommodate the new stretch of roadway currently under construction from Edenderry to Johnstownbridge.

Carbury Day Care Groups have used these facilities for over 30 years and now they find themselves with no place to meet.

The Active Retirement Groups have meetings on Mondays and Thursdays and they hold exercise classes, play cards, bingo and generally have a good social day out.

Recently, the HSE made arrangements for the Groups to meet at Ofalia House in Edenderry but the Carbury Active Retirement Committee are not happy to move to Edenderry and have declined the offer.

The Groups are also angry with the HSE because they were not kept informed about the move to Edenderry and were not consulted on the matter.

They feel that they should be accommodated in Carbury where they have lived all their lives.

The Active Retirement Group feel very let down by the HSE and they are adamant that the HSE should provide them with suitable alternative accommodation in Carbury.

Great Entertainment lined-up for Parish Field Day

The Pattern of Carbury Field Day will take place on Sunday, 3rd June in Derrinturn starting at 2pm. A parade will begin from the Parish Hall at 1.30pm will be lead by the Newbridge Town Bank and continue to the parish field.

All clubs, groups and organisations are encouraged to participate.

Lots of entertainment is lined-up for the day including, athletics for children, bouncing castles, wheel of fortune, book stall, bric-a-brac, scouts bbq, toy stall, face painting, dog show, baby show, guess the name of the doll, guess the weight of the lamb, mouse bingo and there will also be Irish Dancing and live music.

Cake Sale

The Mini Youth Club founded in Ashgrove in March 2011 is aimed at children aged between 4-12 years of age. The children are involved in various activities including arts, crafts, games and flower planting to name a few. They also go on an annual trip to the Zoo. The club are holding a fundraising cake sale on 26thand 27th May outside Derrinturn Church. You support will be greatly appreciated.

Trinity Sunday

After Mass at Trinity Well on Sunday 3rd June, the gates will remain open until 6pm to allow people to get water from the well. Please pray for fine weather for our Mass and the pattern, field day.