Tidy Towns 2012

Tidy Towns 2012

Rathangan Tidy Towns Group held a meeting on Wednesday night April 18th, which was addressed by Padraigh Doyle who has been tasked to prepare a five year plan of action for the

Group. He outlined our achievements so far which when you hear them can give us great encouragement that we can do better. Among the highlights are that we are in the top 10%

Nationally and our highest position was in the top 7% and last year we were 30 marks behind the overall winner. Padraigh will present his completed plan to a meeting on Wednesday

May 2nd at 8pm in the old School house to which everybody is invited and at which comments and suggestions will be welcome. In the meantime we are now into cleaning and sprucing

mode. Rathangan in common with most other Irish towns and villages is of terraced construction with no front gardens so it is important that what is visible looks its best, so the Group

are making a special appeal that this year every house on the Main Street is painted. If you are not as fit as you were and would like some help, the Tidy Towns committee will be able

to provide it. Watching the Dirty Old Town programme should inspire us to make our Village and Country a more pleasant place and provide hope for the future in these difficult times.

Tennis Club AGM

Rathangan Tennis Club hold their AGM on tomorrow night Wednesday April 25th at 8pm in the Old School House. Everybody welcome.

Community Alert

Lullymore, Barnaran, Drumsru and Cappinargid Community Alert would like to thank all those who took part in their annual clean up. Over 50 people turned out and dis a great job. They

ask that everybody should be alert and watch out for people littering and dumping. They say do not confront them but take registration number make and model of vehicle and report

same. The next meeting of LDBC is on Tuesday May 1st at 8.30. All welcome. Also a timely reminder, Lullymore cemetery Mass is on Sunday June 10th at 2 o’clock.


Lilly Broughall was 1st Lady at the recent fortnightly whist at the Old School House, 2nd Lady Rose McKiverigan, 1st Gent Anne Payne and Billy Ransome, 2nd Gent Tommy McKiverigan

1st Quarter Tom Higgins, 2nd Quarter Francis Larkin, 3rd quarter Joe Feeney, 4th Quarter Noel Kelly. Next Whist this Thursday night April 26th.