Kilcullen Scouts Mountain Pursuits

Kilcullen Scouts Mountain Pursuits

Kilcullen scouts Josh, Hannah, Donna, Anna and Thomas marched over 6 peaks in the Cooley Mountains, Co. Louth this weekend. As their first time at the MPC they performed fantastically working together to ensure accurate map and compass reading.

The first leg of the challenge was on the Friday evening where they were bussed from Carlingford to their starting point, from here they hiked as the sun set, up to their first camp site just beneath Ben’s Rock. The team woke early with the sunrise, eager to get the miles under their belt, but more experienced teams decided that this was a good day for a lie in and so the proceedings didn’t get under way until 8.30am.

A long but spectacular walk took the scouts up and over Raven’s rock, Foxes Rock and the Split Rock, after lunch in the Windy gap they made their way up to the next site and pitched their camp in the White bog. Spectacular scenery all round, and a game of high altitude twister made for a good evening. After a good feed of curry, an early night was well deserved.

The next morning visibility was low – you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face! So it was a steady and careful climb up to the top of Slieve Foye. With mixed blessings it was so windy on the ascent that it blew the fog away, but everyone was thankful for heavy ruck sacks as it kept them on the ground! The descent back to Carlingford was enjoyable and the curry chips and ice cream at the finish even better. Well done Kilcullen scouts your first Leinster MPC completed, a well-deserved award from such an elite crowd – roll on the Connaught MPC!

Well done!

Congratulations to Jenny Young, local farmer, who completed her first marathon last Sunday here in Kildare. Well-done, we knew you’d do it and everyone who knows you is very proud! When’s the next one?

St Joseph’s N.S

St Joseph’s N.S, Halverstown really threw themselves into the whole ethos of the active schools week by challenging themselves to get the entire school out and about and doing something both active and exciting.

The week started with the junior room going off on their swimming lessons in the Curragh pool. On Tuesday a bus ride to the Curragh where the three teacher school took part in an orienteering treasure trove challenge. Each class was given a separate set of instructions which led them on a route around the Curragh, collecting clues that would give them the password to open their treasure trove. The senior class had the full orienteering maps and compass and the junior room had a picture trail, each class had to cover several kilometres to earn their treasure. After walking their way round the Curragh the school went off to improve their hand eye coordination in a game of bowls at the local K-bowl.

Canoeing was the next day’s activity, organised by the school’s secretary and water guru Mary. The class spent the morning on the river in Kilcullen using the canoes and kayaks from the local canoe club. Every child got to experience the fun and thrill of moving through our waterways.

Football coaching was the Thursday’s activity and for some- hard core footy players this was their dream day at school – non-stop football.

Sports Day, Friday’s sporting highlight was the sports day where every child, parent, teacher and even prospective students for September come along and take part in some of the fun and ingenious races dreamed up by the staff. After all this activity they’ll need the weekend to recover – keep it up!