12 South Kildare estates to be taken in charge by KCC


Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell



Council to buy boarded up houses in Athy

A total of 12 estates will be taken in charge in South Kildare by the council by the end of the year.

The scheduling of the taking in charge of estates was on the agenda at this month’s Athy District meeting, which was held on Monday, February 19, 2019.

Seven of these estates will be taken in charge in the coming six months and those include: Branswood, Athy; Corran Ard, Athy; Moore Abbey Court, Monasterevin; Distrillery Court, Monasterevin; Togher Wood, Monasterevin; Kildoon, Nurney and Castleraven, Nurney.

A further five estates will be completed by the end of the year.

These include: St John’s, Castledermot; Castlewood, Kilkea; Abbeylands, Castledermot; Lugatana Park, Calverstown and Castlegate, Nurney. 

Cllr Ivan Keatly requested that the council do a full estimation of the cost of taking in charge of all outstanding works in estates requested by the residents so that a sinking fund be established to help with costings.

The members heard that the council does not have the resources to cost what works are outstanding in each of the housing estates that have been requested by residents. 

“I would like to get a handle on costs of the estates that have been major challenges to take in charge to put a sinking fund together for them,” Cllr Keatly said.

“If we get a list together then we can put some funding aside and help them.”

All members agreed with the establishment of the sinking fund to help with costs of taking in charge estates in difficulty.

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