Judge seeks to speak to children in Kildare safey order case


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Judge seeks to speak to children in Kildare safey order case

Athy court

The case of a wife who looked for a safety order from her husband after she claimed he beat her was adjourned at Athy District Court last Tuesday, February 12.

The couple, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have children and live together in the same household.

The court heard from the wife that her husband beat her and pulled out some of her hair. She lifted her hair to show the court.

She described her current conditions as "not a life".

"It is slavery," she said. "It is not a life - he is beating me."

The husband, who was in court, denied the allegations, saying that they were "false". He said that his wife was making it up and claimed that she does not respect their children.

"She doesn't respect the children. Even when they are doing their homework she is laughing and on the phone," he said. "This is the third time she has made false allegations about me."

His wife started to cry in court and he said that she was "only pretending to cry". The man told Judge Desmond Zaidan to speak with his children and they would tell him the truth.

"I'll know when I speak to the children who is the aggressor here," Judge Zaidan said. "Your kids love you both equally regardless of what you may have done. Remember that and show them some respect."

Judge Zaidan read from the wife's statement that she needs the order because her life is being threatened and she is not safe. "If I leave the house he is going to beat me blue and red and when the children come back from school they will not recognise me."

Judge Zaidan noted that no date was given in the statement regarding the allegations. The case was adjourned until April 9 next.