Disability information meeting to be held in Athy library

On Thursday

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell



Disability information meeting to be held in Athy library

Athy Library

A disability information meeting will be held in Athy Library on Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 10am.

Councillor Thomas Redmond will be hosting a disability forum meeting on Thursday from 10am until 12pm in the library.

According to Cllr Redmond the meeting will help to re-establish the setting up of a local Access Group in Athy. There are a number of local access groups around Kildare at present which are working very successfully. These groups tend to meet on a monthly basis and it gives disabled people the opportunity to highlight issues of concern around accessibility. This includes the physical environment- kerbs not dished ,no tactile paving, disabled parking spaces, disabled toilets, sandwich boards impeding access; Access to information; Awareness and council grants.

“Its my intention to include speakers ffrom K-Leisure and the council such as Michael Hurley the County Disability Officer,” said Cllr Redmond.

“ I would also like to extend this invitation to business owners, and sports clubs who have a role in catering for people with disabilities.”

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