Athy man jailed for assaulting garda who was out of work for a year


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Athy man jailed for assaulting garda who was out of work for a year

Athy court

A man who was before Athy District Court on Tuesday, November 14 for obstructing and assaulting a garda was sentenced to ten months. Kieran O'Keefe (30) with an address listed as Apartment 2, 30/40 Duke Street Athy obstructed and assaulted a garda who was called to his home on January 17, 2016 last.

The court heard that he was highly intoxicated at the time. He got aggressive with Garda Byrne of Athy Garda Station, who called to his house over a domestic dispute, and told him to 'fuck off'. He shoved Garda Byrne on his chest and was so violent that Garda Byrne sustained an injury to his shoulder leaving him out of work for a year.

He had no previous convictions and shortly afterwards he called to Athy garda station to apologise for his actions.

The court heard he had been suffering from depression and anxiety at the time and was taking medication for it. He had a cocktail of medication and alcohol in his system at the time.

He brought €1,500 into court for compensation to Garda Byrne . who was not in court and did not provide a victim impact statement but accepted the compensation offer.

Judge Desmond Zaidan said that he put the garda out of work for a full year. He then read letters handed into the court from the defendants mother and girlfriend.

“A member of the gardai going about his business is assaulted and out of work for a year.”

He was sentenced to ten months for assault causing harm.