'Prolific burglar' jailed for 10 months at Athy District Court


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'Prolific burglar' jailed for 20 months at Athy District Court

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A man described by a district court judge as a 'prolific burglar' was sentenced to 10 months for burglary at Athy District Court on Tuesday, November 13.

Mathew Roycroft with an address listed as 26 Clonmullion, Athy came to the attention of gardai for burglary and trespass.

The court heard that on January, 19 2018 at 2 am he stole a lawnmower from an house at Townspark Athy, the item was returned to the owner.

On February 13 he was trespassing in a vacant property in Townspark Athy and had no permission to be there.

On July 31 2018 at 10.20pm he was found to be in a property in Woodstock Street and had no reason being there.

His solicitor said that her client made full admissions, was on heroin for ten years and is now trying to engage with Tiglin services for his addiction issues.

She added that he is 33 years of age and fully aware that he is going to be sentenced.

“Nobody forced him to take heroin,” said Judge Desmond Zaidan.

“He's a prolific burglar.”

He sentenced him to ten months.

He has 63 previous convictions including 20 for burglary.