Fundamental plan needed for south Kildare sewage systems


Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Irish Water

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A fundamental plan is required for a number of sewage systems in South Kildare members of the Athy Area District were told at this month’s meeting.

The member heard earlier today that a plan is required to upgrade the systems serving Narraghmore, Kilmeade, Kilberry, Moone, Timolin, Levittstown and Maganey, Nurney.

According to a motion tabled by Cllr Martin Miley the capacity for future developement in these villages will be affected if the deficits in these systems are not upgraded.

While the Town Manager was in agreement the meeting heard that Irish Water is now responsible for water and wastewater services.

A Councillor Clinic with Irish Water will take place next Monday, October 22 at Kildare County Council from 10am to 12 noon.

Cllr Miley said that capacity is hindering future development at these villages. 

“We are letting people down,” he said.

“There are no houses left for young married couples some of them are being forced to live seperately with their parents. Could we have a special meeting with Irish Water? It is not going to be solved overnight  a lot of investigation is required and this is going to have to be done by Irish Water. We need to look after our own and make sure there is enough development for them in the future.”

All members agreed to request a special meeting with Irish Water on this issue.

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