Private rentals represent 17 per cent of households in Kildare

Census 2016

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Private rentals represent 17 per cent of households in Kildare

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According to the Kildare Census 2016 profile the number of households classed as private rented was 12,629 or 17 per cent of the total households in Kildare.

This rate is slightly lower than the national average at 18.2 per cent however it is important to note that a sizeable proportion of private rented housing is supported by council schemes such as RAS, HAP and Rent Supplement.

Relative to other local authorities, Kildare has the 8th highest number of private rented in the state.

The Census also showed a considerable variation at the Municipal District level with the highest rates of  privated rented in Maynooth at 19.8 per cent and Naas at 18.7 per cent. In contrast at much lower rates to this Kildare town and Newbridge have 16.8 per cent, Celbridge and Leixlip 15.4 per cent and Athy 14.2 per cent.

Overall the highest rates were recorded in Maynooth at 30.8 per cent, Sallins at 27.2 per cent, Clane at 25.6 per cent, Kilcock at 24.3 per cent and Naas at 23.8 per cent.

Meanwhile the number of social rented households in Kildare was 5,239 representing 7.1 per cent of households. In comparision to other local authorities Kildare has the 12th highest number of social rented households in the state.

The highest rates were recorded in Athy at 10.6 per cent, followed by Kildare town and Newbridge at 9 per cent. In contrast to this were Celbridge and Leixlip at 5. 8 per cent, Naas at 5.7 per cent and Maynooth at 5.3 per cent. Other areas of high concentration include Suncroft and Kilmeague.