WATCH: Irish National Stud introduces its foaling team

Great team effort

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


150 new foals at Kildare's National Stud

One of the new foals born last year

The Irish National Stud has released a new video introducing its foaling team for this years foaling season.

The video hears from the team based in Kildare town about their experiences with foaling and how many mares (269) foaled from all over the world this season.

The team are Lauren Eiseman, Lydia Barry and Gerry Hanratty.

“It is such a rewarding job bringing the foals into the world,” said one of the foaling night attendants Lauren Eiseman.

Lydia explains how much satisfaction the job brings and how important it is to keep a close eye on the mares during the night. 

Manager Gerry Hanratty arrives at 7am to take over duties and hear of any problems over night.

“It is very rewarding that you have had something to do with the start of their life,” adds Gerry Hanratty.