Kildare Gardai urge businesses to watch out for invoice fraud


Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Gardai urge people to watch out for invoice fraud

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At this busy seasonal time, Kildare Gardai are advising of the continuing existence of Invoice Redirect Fraud and urges businesses to remind employees to treat any request to change supplier bank account details with extreme caution.

Losses amounting to over €700,000 have been reported to Gardaí in the last month. Invoice Redirect Fraud is described as a crime targeting businesses working with suppliers and businesses that regularly perform online financial transactions.

According to gardai in the last month alone there have been numerous attempts in relation to this type of fraud in excess of €1.3 million with actual losses amounting to over €700,000.

Gardai warn that it can be difficult to recover funds once they have left the jurisdiction so prompt reporting is critical.

In crimes of this nature, criminals send emails to businesses purporting to be one of their legitimate suppliers.

These emails contain an instruction to change the bank account details that the business has for a legitimate supplier, to bank account details that ultimately benefit the criminals.

These requests can also come by way of letter or phone call.