KILDARE PET RESCUE: Two best friends need a home together

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Dan Donoher


Dan Donoher


KILDARE PET RESCUE: Two best friends need a home together

Rescue dog, Bobby

We all need a friend that we can turn to, that we can communicate with, to share moments with and who can be our companion in good times and bad.

It’s no different for dogs. Bobby and Darla share such a relationship here at the shelter.

They both had a tough start to life and found themselves on the street. They came to the shelter at different times.

Neither one was a great mixer with other dogs as we tried to manage their different issues.

No dog comes here not damaged in some way, be it physical or mentally — and sometimes both. Often, the physical scars are much more easily fixed than the emotional ones.

Once Bobby and Darla met they hit it off instantly and have been inseparable ever since.

They share a kennel together, go on walks and runs up the field together, eat together and generally just are close as anything.

Both are now into their senior years but are happy here being together. We would love them to find a home where they could live out the rest of their lives with each other but if not, then our volunteers are more than happy to continue to be their loving family.

Craft Fairs

KAF will be attending several craft fairs over the next few weeks. We will have lots of gifts, our very own Christmas cards and lots of crafts on offer.

Every cent raised goes towards the care of the animals at our shelter. This Sunday, November 11, we will be at the Antiques Fair in Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin.

We will have lots of jewellery, art, coins, vinyl, collectables and much more on offer. Admission only €3.50

Do you love Dogs?

Do you love dogs just as much as we do, and want to care for them?

We are delighted to be able to offer dog carer volunteer positions at the shelter.

This is a must-do for animal lovers with some time to give.

Roles will include feeding, caring and helping prepare dogs going to new homes. We have over 30 beautiful dogs of all shapes and sizes for you to fuss over.

If you would like more info please do email us on