Children’s activities at Newbridge’s Riverbank this mid-term

Make a difference this mid-term break by bringing your child to the theatre.

Make a difference this mid-term break by bringing your child to the theatre.

Plan to play with your family this mid-term break? Bring your child to see some fantastic children’s theatre.

This Halloween, Riverbank Arts Centre is having a family frenzy of events for the whole family.

Kicking off on Saturday October 26th at 1pm, it will be officially opening an exhibition of works from Cartoon Salon, the award winning studio which produced ‘The Secret of Kells’.

These one-off hand crafted prints are gloriously high-resolution, gallery-quality scene illustrations from the critically-acclaimed film. Following the exhibition opening, there will be a family screening of ‘Moon Man’ at 2pm.

There will be a paper fight with the Mimirichi Clowns on Sunday Oct 27th. They are literally going to tear the house down. These clowns are coming all the way from Kiev to horseplay with everyday waste paper in a piece of downright silliness of children’s theatre.

On Halloween night, Round String theatre will transport audiences into the world of ‘Faerie Stories’ as two bookworms meet in a library.

The a common bond between them is their hunger for stories.

The stage will come to life with music, puppetry, and physical theatre, as the stories of magic & mystery are brought to life.

The Elves & The Shoemaker is immersive story telling with music, aerial dance and circus for children aged between 4-8 years.

This amazing piece of childrens theatre will have you gasping in your seats, wondering ‘how did they do that!’. On Sunday November 3rd, there will be three shows lasting 30 mins. There will also be a workshop of ‘aerial dance’ and everyone who dares can give it a go.

For older kids, Julie Madly Deeply is a take on the famous ‘Glee’ musical production that will take you through the story of Julie Andrews, who is a child star, to the recent challenges of losing her voice.

Her everyday life is told through stories, songs and anecdotes. Expect songs from May Poppins, The Sound of Music & My Fair Lady.

To book any of these shows, contact the Riverbank Arts Centre Box Office, Newbridge at 045 448327, email or book online at

* Buy three tickets for Mimirichi Paper World, Faerie Stories and Fidget’s Feet The Elves & The Shoemaker and get all three shows for only €23.00.