Kildare’s celebrity badger - Roisin

For those of you who don’t know her, please meet Róisín.

For those of you who don’t know her, please meet Róisín.

She was rescued from Robertstown, Co Kildare, three weeks ago by a lady who was walking her dog.

She came across a little bundle of fur that wasn’t moving and was cold.

The lady carefully placed the badger cub in the inside of her jacket and brought her home. She called me for advice and we were delighted to be able to help by taking the cub for rehab.

By the time she arrived, she was already warmed up and more active. She, however, was walking with fleas and had some wounds to her neck and side.

Róisín was just six weeks old when she arrived. She was tiny and her eyes were barely open.

It’s most likely that she became orphaned after her mother had been snared or had been a victim of the road. She had become hungry and made her way out of her set. She was then picked up by a dog and left to die.

A few days after arriving at Kildare Animal Foundation, Róisín developed a chest infection which put her life in grave danger once again. She found it hard to breath and went downhill fast. Thankfully we have excellent vets and experience and Róisín pulled through.

Since then she has become abit of a celebrity and an ambassador for badgers.

She first was featured in a programme of TV3 Animal A&E due to be aired in the autumn. She then was asked to take part in a quick photo-shoot for RTE, to promote their wildlife month.

We then took part in a very informative and worthwhile video for the Irish Wildlife Trust. In the video (now available to watch online) we talk about badger culling in Ireland and Róisín’s story.

Then the big one came when the Late Late show rang to see if we would appear. We were honoured to be asked and the piece went very well.

All these appearances only lasted a couple of minutes and thankfully Róisín wasn’t stressed out.

She is now nearly ten weeks old and she is being weaned off the bottle. We will begin to start cutting contact with her soon so that she remains wild and can be released back to the wild.

We felt it was important to be involved in these projects to get the message out there about badgers and dispel some of the myths out there.