Kildare Youth Theatre to perform new play at Newbridge Grassroots Festival

Kildare Youth Theatre's 'Do Not Disturb'
Kildare Youth Theatre will perform “DO NOT DISTURB” which is made up of eight new pieces of site-specific theatre set in hotel bedrooms, as part of the Newbridge Grassroots Festival.

Kildare Youth Theatre will perform “DO NOT DISTURB” which is made up of eight new pieces of site-specific theatre set in hotel bedrooms, as part of the Newbridge Grassroots Festival.

Devised, written and performed by Kildare Youth Theatre, it is directed by Newbridge’s Peter Hussey. Performances take place at The Gables Guesthouse on the Athgarvan Road. A sell-out at June Fest earlier this summer, 
here is now another opportunity for those on waiting lists to see real youth theatre in action.

When are teenagers ever in hotel rooms on their own? How do they book and pay for them? Where are their parents? Taking these questions as their starting point, 20 young people began to devise short plays in which we meet couples, individuals and small groups in hotel rooms. They also continue to explore themes of mental health and young people.

There are six performances over the Festival weekend – 2pm, 4pm and 6pm on Sat 14th Sept + 4pm & 6pm Sunday 15th Sept.

Room One

PYJAMA PARTY’ by Conor Burke, Peter Hussey, Eadaoin Barrett, Elena Walsh, Katie O’ Connor and Emma Lynch. On a school trip away some of the girls have smuggled drink (and a boy) into their bedroom but a knock on the door starts an escalation of events into a comic crisis. ‘Pyjama Party’ explores the nastiness of a drunken herd-mentality as exhibited by these characters.

‘IMPACT’ by and with Aoife Carew, Jerry Chickwe and John Cleary. A controlling boyfriend goes too far, but his girlfriend feels powerless to stop him. This play explores the way we use emotional blackmail to get what we want, even if it means we subjugate the rights of others.

‘NORMAL’ by Lauren Aherne, Caolán Dundon and Peter Hussey. Performed by Lauren and Caolán. Heather is the only one in her 
family who can calm Ultan, her autistic brother. Everyone relies on her to take charge when he gets agitated. When something upsets him at a family night away, she is called in to help. As she settles him, she sees her future drift 
away from her. This play is inspired by James Joyce’s Eveline, recalling the sacrifices one young woman makes in order to serve her family.

Room Two

‘TOUGH’ by and with David Devaney, Jack Higgins, Eoin Harnett and John Cleary. A hotel worker is bullied by his classmates but the tables turn when he calls in support. A play exploring male aggression and secrecy.

‘NOVOCAINE’ by and with Jae Suen and Aoife Taylor. A dance piece with dialogue about the break up of a relationship. A young couple meet to try to resolve their differences: she is too busy with her part-time job in the hotel to spend time with him. He wants to break up.

‘THE PACT’ by Emma Finegan, Emma Lynch and Peter Hussey. Performed by Emma and Emma. Two teenage girls make a pact to do something very serious, but one of them backs out at the last minute. This play explores the effect on young teenagers of relentless bullying, and shows how the glamorising of suicide never solves any problem.

‘TALK DOWN’ by and with Mary Kiely and John Cleary, edited by Peter Hussey. Owen is depressed and feels there is no way out except to take his life. But he is interrupted by Allie, who works in the hotel, and who seems to have no sympathy for his plight.

‘HEROIC’ by Paul Miller and Peter Hussey. One young man (Paul Miller) waits alone in a hotel room for something to happen, or for someone to come. Is he on a date? Is he getting ready to address the assembled masses from the balcony? Or is he waiting to be interviewed? A play on love and fame.