Prosperous students ‘kill off’ French teacher

Students at St. Farnan’s Post Primary School, Prosperous ‘killed’ one of their teachers recently and made a video of it.

Students at St. Farnan’s Post Primary School, Prosperous ‘killed’ one of their teachers recently and made a video of it.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, they’re considering how to ‘kill-off- a few more.

It should be said, this is the work of the recently-formed school Drama Group.

The group made a short film called ‘Killing Mrs Griffin’, a comedy that follows the investigation into the death of French teacher, Bláthnaid Griffin, who was found dead in a classroom after being apparently hit over the head with a model of the Eiffel Tower.

On the case are two dim cops (think ‘Dumb and Dumber’ - but closer to ‘Thick and Thicker’) who don’t know what the audience knows – that it was an accident in the first place.

Written by the two girls who also play the lead roles, Alannah Shortt and Amy Leigh Dempsey, and directed by Emer O’ Rourke, the film has a wonderfully absurd sense of humour.

The Drama Group decided to make the film after doing a series of workshops from Niall Fallon, an experienced writer and director with TG4’s ‘Ros na Rún’ and RTE’s ‘Fair City’.

The choice of victim for the film was no coincidence. Bláthnaid Griffin is not just a French teacher in the school but is also responsible for setting up the Drama Group.

While the students are finishing off editing the film, Mrs. Griffin is busy planning other events for the Drama Group for the coming year.

And the students in the drama group are considering new ways of killing more teachers - just for future films of course.

The school’s Drama Group has been up and running for the past three years, and has produced variety shows in the past.

They’ve also had workshops with various groups including contemporary dance company Cois Ceim and even gone to see a dance production as well as a trip to the Abbey.

“For our school it’s about getting them to try new things,” Mrs Griffin (who is thankfully alive and well) explained to the Leinster Leader.

“With a lot of schools, it’s all about sport, sport, sport.

“All the kids are big into Youtube and using camera phones, and this is something that appeals to them.”

The school got a small Creative Engagement grant which was used to being in a drama teacher on Friday afternoons for two hours for ten weeks.

“And last Friday,” Mrs Griffin explained, “the students decided on a new project, ‘Texting a love story’, and they want to direct it as well.”