Tommy Tiernan brings World Tour to Kildare

Tommy Tiernan. 'I don't think civilisation suits us.'
Tommy Tiernan is finally bringing his ‘World Tour of...’ show to the Lilywhite county.

Tommy Tiernan is finally bringing his ‘World Tour of...’ show to the Lilywhite county.

The Meath comedian has made a specialty touring several towns in a county to bring his unique brand of humour to the masses outside Dublin.

Speaking to the Leinster Leader from Mohill, on his World Tour of Leitrim, Tiernan mused on how these shows differ from his sets in larger metropolises.

“I play a lot of towns now where people have never been to a standup gig. Brendan Grace might have passed through in the late 70s.

“I just did a tour of the islands off the west coast. People came to the show because there was nothing else on, so it’s not that they even have to like you to come to the show. Coming to the show is equivalent to coming to the harbour to see what boat is in.”

Tiernan brushes off suggestions that his show is controversial – even though the comedian has in the past notably sparked protests over his Late Late Show appearances and created an international storm of disapproval over remarks about the Holocaust.

“I’m not as controversial as people think I am. I’ve made a bit of an eejit of myself at times, but I’m harmless.”

Kildare’s identity has been changed over the past decade by an invasion of commuters, driven out of the capital during the boom years. A similar fate has befallen Tiernan’s native Meath.

“I remember Colm O’Rourke, erstwhile GAA pundit, geography teacher and sports shop owner, saying Meath people are like Palestinians in their own land. So that’s an interesting thing. It comes out mostly in GAA jerseys, the amount of Dublin jerseys around towns in Kildare is huge during the championship. But Dublin people’s children will be Kildare people, so that’s to be looked forward to, but in the meantime there’ll be a bit of jostling.”

The Irish riches to rags story over the past decade also provides material for Tiernan’s current show.

“I think we’re all coming to the conclusion that money is ugly and it’s a dirty, dirty thing, and I think we’re all a little muddied with that experience. Money hasn’t left a good taste in our mouths. The show is partly about that and partly about our natural kind of rebellious energy.

“I guess the show is kind of like a wonderment about who we are. We’re dreamy creatures, I don’t think civilisation suits us.”

Tiernan is off in October to Australia and New Zealand, where he has a phenomenal Irish expat following.

“I’m so proud and I’m delighted to be playing for them,” said the comic, who is packing in two shows in one night at the Sydney Opera House, such is the demand. “It’s the Irish equivalent of an English comic heading to Helmand Province. I’ll do jokes on stage with Irish dancers at each side, tell them to keep up the good work and fly off again.”

Tiernan is also working on a televisionshow for Sky. He is creating a fictional Irish village set in the Cavan/Monaghan/North Meath area – “my dream Irish town full of lunatics,” he said. Filming is expected to start next summer.

- Laura Coates

Tommy Tiernan plays the Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge, on Wednesday, September 25; Killashee House Hotel on September 26; Westgrove Hotel on September 27; Glenroyal Hotel on September 28 and Clanard Court Hotel on September 29. Tickets €28 from and the venues.