Kildare rocker Morgan Condon and his UK band are making waves across the pond

Motorcycle Display Team release new album ‘Yours Probably’

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Kildare rocker Morgan Condon and his UK band are making waves across the pond

Morgan Condon, Steve Hinds and Jim Chapman

A Johnstownbridge drummer and song writer is making a name for himself as part of an exciting, UK rock band.

Morgan Condon describes Motorcycle Display Team as an alt-rock band. After 10 years of consistent touring and releasing their own music, he believes the band has become a highly respected and worthy act whose presence is becoming more apparent.

Morgan moved to the UK in the mid noughties and met lead singer Steve Hinds through an online musician’s notice board. They started writing together and booking gigs. Matthew Eyre, who also has strong Irish connections, joined them on bass and Motorcycle Display Team was born.

Their first Irish gig, in 2009, was in The Hamlet, Johnstownbridge.

“My neighbours, who owned the pub, gave us a shot and it paid off” he said.

“Initially it was a few friends and family at the gig, but word got around.”

As a child, Morgan lived in Sallins, where he went to school in St. Laurence’s National School.

At the age of nine, his family then moved north to Johnstownbridge, where he went to St. Patrick’s National School. His teenage years were spent going to the Bees Nees on a Friday night and playing in lots of garage bands, all while attending St. Mary’s Secondary School in Edenderry.

Since their first Irish gig in 2009, Motorcycle Display Team have returned to Ireland many times, playing all over the country and getting airplay on regional and national radio stations.

“The connection to Ireland is inevitable, given it’s still home to me. Each time we return to gig in Johnstownbridge and elsewhere around the country, the crowds get bigger and better,” he said.

Today, with Morgan, Motorcycle Display Team comprises Steve Hinds and Jim Chapman.

As a three piece, they have a highly respected reputation and pride themselves on being a truly independent band. Their hard work and grafting over the past 10 years is starting to pay off.

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Their last single, Oh Country, My Country reached the top 10 in the Italian Independent Charts last autumn.

Along with this, their name is well known around London and surrounding areas.

They are regulars on the UK summer festival circuit and are planning some Irish shows for summer 2018.

Their new album, Yours Probably is being released under their own label this month.

It features photography from Naas photographer Mike O’Toole.

“Mike was introduced by a mutual friend and came over to London to spend a week with us in the studio. He managed to get some great shots and filmed a lot of the recording. I can definitely feel the effects of his charm on some of

the performances,” added Morgan.

Ahead of the album’s release, a new single called Darlin was released at the end of February followed by a track called A Lady Never Tells.

Details of upcoming shows and other information on Motorcycle Display Team can be found on their social sites and website - and motorcycledisplayteam on Facebook.