Lithuanian choir to perform in Naas and Kill

Will sing at Masses, in concert this weekend

Leader reporter


Leader reporter


Lithuanian choir to perform in Naas and Kill

Members of the Ziezmariai parish choir who will perform at a concert in Naas and at masses in Naas and Kill this weekend

Three Lithuanian organists from Kill, Ardclough and Kilcock churches have united to bring their choirs together to sing alongside a visiting choir from Lithuania.

Ausra Dmukauskaite, organist with Ardclough church choir, said the idea came about one evening when one of the members of the Lithuanian choir visited Ireland and sang with Kill choir. An invitation was extended to Kill church choir and all the members of the choir visited Lithuanian in 2007.” It was such a memorable event that we now want to return the favour,” added Rasa Kupriene, organist from Kill church choir.

“We are very excited about this new venture and really delighted to be able to extend the invitation to St Jokubas Church of Ziezmariai town choir, Lithuania.”

Rasa explained how Lithuania has had a very turbulent history.

“During the Soviet regime churches and monasteries were closed and often the buildings put to secular use. Their bells were silenced. The silencing of the bells represented for many the silencing of the voice of God himself.

Many priests were targeted and exiled to Siberia, as well as many Catholic families for their beliefs. Officially people were not allowed to participate and were ridiculed and persecuted for doing so, but they did find ways and means.’’

It is only since 1990 that Lithuanians have been able to celebrate their faith freely in public and coming to Ireland to sing alongside the Irish and Lithuanian communities means a lot to them.

Under management of talented musician- organist Algirdas Biveinis, Ziezmariai church choir going to sing at 6 pm Vigil Mass on Saturday, November 18 in Our Lady and St. David’s church, Naas, followed by a concert immediately after Maas where they will be joined by choirs from Kill, Ardclough and Kilcock.

Admission to the concert is free.

Ziezmariai parish choir also going sing at 11 am Mass on Sunday, November 19, in St Brigid’s Church in Kill.