Moat Club panto 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' starts tonight in Naas


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Leader reporter


Moat Club panto 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' starts tonight in Naas

The Bears' Picnic - Daddy Bear (Michael McHugh); Mummy Bear (Mary Power Cooney) and Baby Bear (Faryn Mills)

The well-known fairy tale tells us there were three bears but in the Moat Club Christmas pantomime there are quite a few more!

That is because the part of cute little Baby Bear will be shared by three actors: Faryn Mills (7), Olivia Lambert (9) and Rachel Sheehan (9).

The part of Mummy Bear is shared by Mary Power Cooney and Moll Fullam while Daddy Bear is shared by Cara O’Mahony and Michael McHugh.

The pantomime, which is produced and performed by members of Naas’s long-running amateur drama group, the Moat Club, features the most villainous of villains, Mr Donald J Dump, Mayor of Naas (played by Michael Broe).

Dump is not in favour of happiness or celebrations and is intent on bringing in the Hate Amendment. Little Goldilocks is in trouble for celebrating her birthday and is about to be arrested when she runs off into the forest where she comes across the bears’ cottage. Pantomime chaos ensues!

The part of Goldilocks will be shared by Amber Keneghan (12), Ava Eustace (12) and Lulu Earley (14).

Goldilocks and the Three Bears was written by club member Gerard O’Shea and directed by Mona Conroy with music support from Brian Brady and choreography from Deirdre Browne. There is a huge cast including a chorus and child and teenage dancers. It is sure to be both festive and fun.

The Moat Club’s 36th annual pantomime opens on Friday November 25 and runs for 15 shows until Saturday December 10.

Weekday shows are at 8pm, weekend shows at 2pm and 6pm.

Selling out fast

The box office reports huge demand for tickets, with many shows selling out. Bookings can be made on 045 883030 or online at

Who's been eating my porridge? Daddy Bear (Michael McHugh), Mummy Bear (Mary Power Cooney) and Goldilocks (Ava Eustace)