PHOTO GALLERY: 'Jazzier' new-look Leinster Leader welcomed in local Kildare newsagents

Louis Hennessy, Larry Swan and Carol Brennan give their thoughts on the revamp

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Well-known faces in local Kildare newsagents were, today, very impressed by the new-look Leinster Leader paper.

Kildare's bestselling newspaper since 1880 has been given a fresh revamp.

Long-standing Malone's newsagents in Kildare Town is one of the oldest newsagents in the county, open 153 years this year.

Owner, Louis Hennessy, said the new-look paper is much “jazzier”.

“It’s much more cheerful, and I thought the news was even more sensational in it. I think the customers are going to like it.

“We go back a long way with the Leader, when my father was alive I used to go over and collect the Leader with him on a Thursday in the old Leinster Leader office when it was printed in Naas.”

Louis said the Leader has always been popular in Malone’s.

“It is a part of people’s lives buying the Leinster Leader. The week wouldn’t be the same without it!

“It’s our number one provincial paper, it would be the number one selling paper in Co. Kildare.”

Louis added that he thinks more people will pick up a copy with the new-look.

“With Kildare hopefully doing better in the football next year, and with the new operation at the Curragh Racecourse, hopefully people will."

Larry Swans, owner of the famous Swans On the Green in Naas, said the paper has been modernised.

“It (Leader newspaper) sells very well”, said Larry.

“There’s a huge amount of regulars who would always purchase the Leader. There’s a huge demand for it in the shop.”

Larry adds that he thinks more people will be inclined to buy the paper now.

“It’s more attractive and eye-catching.

“It’a a more interesting paper than it was, say even five years ago. The articles are much better and more in depth.”

Larry paid tribute to our Sports Editor Tommy Callaghan, who marked 50 years working in the Leader on Monday October 2.

“Tommy Callaghan is an institution in the Leader really, I’m a big GAA man myself, he’s ever present at every GAA match I ever go to, no matter where it is.

“He puts a nice twist on all his articles, he makes them interesting and relates them to people.”

Carol Brennan, of Brennan’s garage in Newbridge, said the Leader has always been a good seller with them.

“People like to know what’s happening in the locality, and it’s nice that it’s gotten a new modern, updated look.

“Generally if you update things you get a bit of a boost off it, so hopefully the same applies to the Leader and we wish them all the best with their new-look paper.”

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of our new-look Leader, while there is still the same great depth of coverage and reporting, and your favourite columnists, it has been revamped and revitalised with bigger and better community, lifestyle and business coverage.

On shelves now!