Sallins woman selling cakes for Africa

Finella Naughton.

Finella Naughton.

SALLINS woman Finella Naughton held a Mother’s Day cake sale at the community centre in Sallins on March 10 to raise money for charity.

Finella is has been a volunteer with the Niall Mellon Township Trust for the past five years and all of the proceeds will go to this charity.

The Niall Mellon Township Trust has a new focus on education for their annual building blitz in Kenya.

Well known for its achievements in house building, the charity is moving to a new challenge as the South African Government is now providing the full housing subsidy.

Ms. Naughton thanked Musgraves, Supervalu Sallins and Cloverhill Food Ingredients Ltd who donated a variety of items used in the baking of the cakes. Rathcoole-based Avoca donated a selections of breads and cakes.

To date 350 volunteers have signed up for the ambitious school building programme which will take place outside Nairobi in Kenya this year.

“We hope that our work will make a valuable difference to the young children of Kenya. At present, many schools throughout the country are quite literally falling down. This means many children are being denied the education they need to realise their full potential in life,” added Finella.
“I am looking forward to working with wonderful volunteers in making a very positive impact on the education of children in Africa.”

- Paul O’Meara




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