Prosperous writer gets Huffington Post blogging spot

Prosperous writer Adrian Millar. Photo. Mike O'Toole

Prosperous writer Adrian Millar. Photo. Mike O'Toole

A Prosperous writer has joined the world’s largest online news website as a blogger.

Adrian Millar, who is originally from Belfast, but now living in Prosperous, has been writing for many years, and in recent times his columns about being a stay-at-home father have been turned into a weekly column in the Irish Examiner.

That column attracted the attention of the Huffington Post, and he is now featured on the UK edition of the site, which attracts 15 million readers a day.

His first story for the website was published Thursday, January 17, and is included as part of the ‘Lifestyle’ section.

It’s called ‘Parenting – It Doesn’t Happen Overnight’.

Adrian followed that up with a piece on Algeria for the politics blog section for the same edition about his experiences of living in Algeria.

“Many facets to this Northern diamond,” he remarked, when this reporter pointed out how different the two pieces are.

Mr. Millar resigned from his position as a lecturer in Japanese when his wife was expecting their first child, and he has been a stay-at-home father ever since.

Since then, the couple have had three daughters – and Adrian jokes that he swapped his two PhDs for changing nappies.

He has also written two novels and a book on the Northern Ireland conflict

He is also the creative force behind, a website which was launched in recent weeks.

It aims to “help others find personal happiness through mining their everyday personal experience. The ‘trick’ is to become mindful of one’s story.”

- Conor McHugh




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