Naas mother appeals for play centre support

Colleen O'Kelly with Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

Colleen O'Kelly with Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

Naas mother Tina O’Kelly has made a public appeal for suport for a play centre which will accommodate all children and is to be built in Limerick.

Two children, with a very rare genetic condition called Joubert Syndrome, were born to Tina and Bob O’Kelly of Cois na Feadain, Caragh road.

“Colleen is now 18, Joshua unfortunately is no longer with us. Unless you have a child or know of a child fighting a terrible illness or disability deprived of so much that healthy children may take for granted especially “play”, then it’s impossible to fully understand or appreciate how frustrating, disappointing and difficult life can be for these children,” said Tina.

“It’s heartbreaking. For a mum it is extremely isolating too. When you start out on the road of motherhood with your peers, intentions to keep in touch are great, but when they are having mother and baby coffee mornings you are attending hospital appointments, when they are going to toddler play groups you are going to physio and occupational therapy appointments, the isolation goes on.”

All children have a right to play and according to all the experts in this area they learn to live life through play and it’s essential to their all-round emotional and physical well-being especially for children with a disability.In 2004 the Government launched the National Play Policy but play opportunities for disabled children to play in Ireland are practically non-existent.

The Share a Dream Foundation aims to address this failure regardless of their illness or disability and has identified the real need for a purpose built all inclusive accessible indoor play centre to be be called Dreamland where - disabled or not - the children will all play together.

To help simply text “SHARE” to 50300 to make a €2 donation.




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