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Sarsfields delegate Camillus Walsh asked who was responsible for giving Ballymun Kickhams permission to enter the pitch and dressing rooms prior to their (Sarsfields) Leinster Club Championship game, despite Sarsfields having been giving assurances that permission would not be granted, writes Tommy Callaghan.

The Sarsfields delegates said that “that was a home game for Sarsfields, who were representing every club in the county and by allowing the opposition to familiarise themselves with the surroundings they were giving away what ever advantage they had from a home game.”

Mr Walsh added that while he was not suggesting that allowing the opposition into St Conleth’s was the losing of the game, nevertheless he added that, “it is attention to detail that can make a big difference in such circumstances, if the shoe was on the other foot would they (Sarsfields) have been granted the same privilege if they were playing away?”

Chairman, John McMahon said that the Ballymun Kickhams team and management were not allowed to train on the pitch; they simply came down, walked around and visited the dressing rooms, in a visit that last no more than 20 minutes.

Pressed by Mr Walsh who sanctioned the visit, the chairman replied, “I did, out of courtesy, I sanctioned it.”

Meanwhile the Chairman, sought approval from delegates for the make-up of various committees, which he announced at Tuesday night’s gathering. All got approval with little or no discussion except when he announced the re-appointment en bloc of the 2012 CCC membership for 2013.

Abbey Murphy (Celbridge delegate and vice Chair of the Hurling Board) said they (Hurling Board) had been given an undertaking that a hurling board member would be appointed to that committee for 2013.

The chairman disagreed, saying he has promised, “to look into the possibility of appointing a hurling board member, which he did, but having considered all the options decided to re-appoint last year’s committee as they had successfully concluded the 2012 programme on time.”

An angry Ms Murphy totally disagreed and was backed up by Ardclough delegate Noel Burke who said he was of the opinion that the Hurling Board had been given assurances at convention that a hurling board member would be appointed for 2013.

The proposal was accepted.




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