Sun shines down on Kildare Ploughing Championships

Bernard Kavanagh, from Carbury, with vintage trailer.
Great ploughing and plenty of sunshine kicked off the Kildare Ploughing Championships, which were held at Grangehiggin, Kilmeague, on Sunday, March 9.

Great ploughing and plenty of sunshine kicked off the Kildare Ploughing Championships, which were held at Grangehiggin, Kilmeague, on Sunday, March 9.

Anthony Reynolds, Longford, won the open class, which made it a first for the Kelly Cup to travel to Longford.

At Kilmeague last week. a respectable attendance enjoyed almost ideal conditions at the County Kildare Ploughing Championships, run off on stubble.

Judge, Thomas Masterson, Carrigallen, told the Leinster Leader: “This is my first time judging in Kildare.

“I was highly impressed with the standard of ploughing and the Longford Ploughman had very high marks and the nice soil conditions on the Healy farm today were perfect for him”

He also said: “While the entries today were down on other years, the quality and standard of work was excellent”

This year’s County Match had a reduced field of 30 tractor units and three pairs of fine horses competing for the 14 classes.

Under 21s ploughman, Darragh Barrow, Barrettstown, Newbridge was selected to represent Kildare in the Macra Class at the All Ireland Ploughing.

David Owen, Carbury again won the under 28 Open Class in the 2-furrow Conventional Category.

First time ploughman Brian Dunne, Woodlands, Rathangan, won the 3/4 furrow Reversible Competition. Brian will join his two brothers; Denis Dunne, under 21, and Kieran Dunne, 3 Furrow Class, at Stradbally in September. All three young competitiors are under 21 years of age.

The Kildare Championship is a confirmed 2-Furrow Conventional Competition. There is always plenty of spectators. Dominic Dunne, Bernfield was again a very clear winner and was presented with the Hanlon Cup and the John Crowley Shield.


Senior Open; First: Anthony Reynolds, Longford (101 marks), Second: Christy Carton, Westmeath (94 marks)

Kildare Championship; First: Dominic Dunne, Barnfield (84 marks), Second: Michael Keogh, Athgarvan Grain (61 marks), Third: Pat Carey, Carbury (57 marks), Fourth: Fergal Byrne, Calverstown (56 marks)

Intermediate Open; First: Allen Davis, Laois (94 marks), Second: Ralph Tyrell, Westmeath (72 marks), Third: Paddy Finnegan, Longford (68 marks)

Under 21s; First: Denis Dunne, Woodlands (89 marks), Second: Darragh Barrow, Barretstown (73 marks)

3/4 Conventional Competition; First: Kieran Dunne, Woodlands (85 marks)

Under 28s; First: David Owen, Carbury (97 marks), Second: Kieran Mahon, Mooreabbey (83 marks)

Horse Class; First: Donie Anderson, Dublin (147 marks), Second: Philip Jacob, Caragh (118 marks), Third: Padraig Commane, Ladytown (108 marks)

3/4 Furrow Reversible; First: Brian Dunne, Woodlands (91 marks)

Vintage Mounted Open; First: Oliver Smith, Meath (149 marks), Second: Peter O’Counell, Clane (147 marks), Third: Billy Stewart, Longford (135 marks), Fourth: Noel Cummins, Clane (134 marks)

Vintage Trailer Open; First: Pat Conolly,Carbury (141 marks), Second: Bobby Owen, Carbury (140 marks), Third: Charlie Stewart, Longford (131 marks), Fourth: Peter Duffy, Clane (130 marks)