Deputy Lawlor launches attack over Naas estates

SEVENTY residential estates in Naas have yet to be taken in charge by the town council.

SEVENTY residential estates in Naas have yet to be taken in charge by the town council.

And Naas Town Council has not taken over a single estate since November 2010 – when Jigginstown Green was taken in charge.

Fine Gael TD Anthony Lawlor said the council must recommence the taking in charge of estates in the town “after two and a half years of inactivity”.

He said those living in the 70 estates feel neglected and isolated from their local authority.

“Approximately 20% of all estates yet to be taken in charge in the county are under the remit of NTC. It is disgraceful that two and a half years has passed without activity.”

He said that in many instances Naas estates are badly in need of repairs in terms of lighting, footpaths, sewerage and general upkeep.

“With developers no longer in place, residents are left stranded. I appreciate the financial constraints which local authorities are currently experiencing but that does not excuse the reluctance by NTC to deal with the problem,” he stated.

“At the moment each and every home in the Kildare is receiving their Local Property Tax Return form. I fully support the need to raise this revenue for the local authority through a Property Tax, however I can understand the reluctance of homeowners to do so when they see so little being done in their own estates. In order to encourage full compliance and acceptance of the Local Property Tax, NTC should be actively engaging with residents associations and homeowners to brief them on developments and plans with regard to taking over their estates.

He said property tax revenue will benefit both Kildare County Council and NTC.

“This money will be used to improve local services, freeing up funds for estate improvements. Homeowners need to see light at the end of the tunnel to exit this ‘limbo’ land in which they are living and need assurances from the town council that action will recommence on taking estates in charge”.

- Paul O’Meara