Clane tops in housing rent growth

Rent growth has been recorded.
Average housing rents in Clane grew fastest in the county in 2013, a study of public figures has shown.

Average housing rents in Clane grew fastest in the county in 2013, a study of public figures has shown.

An analysis of private sector rents published by the Private Rented Tenancies Board shows that when all property types and bedroom sized properties are included, Clane showed the highest monthly rental growth, comparing 2012 and the most part of 2013.There was a 5.75% growth to €782.01 from €739. (All figures quoted are monthly rents).

Sallins experienced a 4.25% rise to €778.77.

Average rents rose 1.62% to €804.18 in Naas while in Maynooth they gained just under one per cent (0.95) to reach €878.86.

There were small increases in Kilcock by 0.41% to €758.10 and in Celbridge by 0.36 to €879.

But while the percentage rise was highest in these towns, the figures show that Leixlip had the highest rental cost of the fifteen largest areas in the county listed with a monthly average of €903, but lower than the €995 in Lucan, west Dublin.

This Leixlip figure was a drop of a quarter of one per cent. It was followed by Celbridge (€879.63) and Maynooth (€878.86).

Athy had the lowest average rent, €543.9.

The figures show large falls in rents values over five years. County wide the 2013 rents were 77.76% of the 2008 prices, but for the fifteen towns listed - Kildare town, Athy, Castledermot, Celbridge, Clane, Kilcock, Kilcullen, Kill, Leixlip, Maynooth, Monasterevin, Naas, Newbridge, Rathangan and Sallins - the drop was very slightly smaller, the 2013 level being 78.13% of the 2008 level.

Some areas had smaller falls over the five years.

Rathangan, Celbridge, Maynooth, Leixlip, Clane and Sallins had smaller than average drops but there was a bigger fall in Castledermot, where rents in 2013 were just 70.37% of their level in 2008, which was €809.46.

Rural rents have some effect on the market, it would appear.

While the average rent for the 15 towns was €741.71 in 2013, that for the the county as a whole was listed as €772.24.

For nearly all five years, the standard deviation from the average was around 14%, which means that just under 68% of rents in the fifteen towns were in a range 14% lower or higher than the average.

The largest urban rental market is Maynooth, where, according to the 2011 Census, 38% of all 4,208 houses are rented and 33% are rented in the private sector.

Next highest is Sallins where 27% of 1,796 houses are rented.

The State figure is 18.51%, while for Leixlip and Celbridge it is around 15%, lowering to just under 11% for Prosperous and Derrinturn, which have 1,248 houses between them.

Average rents don’t reflect the fuller picture, however as differences depend on the type of property being offered.

When we looked at the rents for one bedroom apartments, the smallest type of property, the highest increase from 2012 was 2.61% in Maynooth to €647, suggesting upward pressure, probably mainly because of the university, but also proximity to Intel/Hewlett Packard and the city.

In Newbridge, the increase was lower at 1.38% to €529.29.

Naas recorded an 0.16% rise to €594.

Growth aside, the costliest one bed apartment rent was in Leixlip (€753.13), which is home to Intel.

The average rent in the six towns cited was €577.15 compared to €560.60 for the county as a whole.

When it came to three bed semi-detached houses the largest annual increase was in Kilcullen where rents rose 3.17% to €745.88 followed by a 3.06% increase in Clane to €821.06.

There was a slight drop (-0.63%) in Newbridge to €798.50 while this category rent in Monasterevin fell 3% to €685.

These type of houses averaged €798.50 in the 15 towns, compared to €806.73 for the county as a whole.

Maynooth leads the county Kildare rent league with an average of €954.46 for a three bed semi-detached house, followed by Leixlip on €919.79. The rents here increased by 2.3% and by 0.72% respectively.

Next was Celbridge with an average of €893.53 (up by 1.78%), followed by Sallins on €825.96, an increase of 2.6%.

At the lower end of the market Athy rents here rose 0.27% to €560.06 while Newbridge recorded a drop in this category, by 0.63% to €793.61 as well as Monasterevin, which saw a 3% fall to €685.

Across the board rents fell steadily from 2008 to 2013 dropping by between 20-30% but while they fell gradually up to 2012, there was a slight increase in 2013.

In Maynooth the three bed semi would have cost €1,160 in 2008 to €933 in 2012. But it then rose to €954.

Assuming six people to a rented private house, the cost per person fell from €193 to €155 per month and then rose to €159.