Tourism move by Maynooth

Peter Nevin (2nd left) Chairman, Maynooth History Group, and Professor Marion Lyons (right) of NUI Maynooth, with some of the group who attended the talk in Maynooth Castle, by Professor Lyons marking the 500th Anniversary of the death of Garret Mór FitzGerald, the 'Great Earl' of Kildare, Saturday, August 17, part of Heritage Week in Kildare.
A group of men in Maynooth look set to produce the town’s first tourism information brochure.

A group of men in Maynooth look set to produce the town’s first tourism information brochure.

At the 12 May meeting of Maynooth Community Council, the Maynooth Men’s Shed gave an draft outline of the brochure they have been working on for some time.

Spokesperson, John Fleming, said it contains lists and brief descriptions of the town’s heritage, including the Castle, Carton House and the Manor Mills wheel, along with some contacts for visitors including GPs.

Mr. Fleming said the Men’s Shed group was in existence for between 18-24 months. It first proposed doing a Maynooth events calendar in association with the Maynooth Newsletter and asked community groups and clubs for their plans. “Unfortunately we got no response,” he said.

They then came up with the idea of the tourism brochure.

Mr. Fleming said the Shed members, a special group catering for men, discovered there was no tourism brochure for Maynooth. “We found things about Bunratty Castle in the town but nothing in Maynooth,” he said.

Council member, Susan Durack, said: “It is extraordinary it hasn’t been done before.”

Congratulating the Shed, MCC chairman, Tom McMullon said: “It is about time Maynooth got out from under the arse of south Kildare.”

Mr. Fleming said a website is being considered.

Council member, Naoise O’Cearuil, said the the idea was brilliant. “Maynooth has been dying for something like this.

Mr. Fleming thanked all the Shed members and John Doogan at the Community Council for their help with the project.