Space trip looms for Bill

KILDARE-based based businessman, Bill Cullen, is only 14 months away from going into space.

KILDARE-based based businessman, Bill Cullen, is only 14 months away from going into space.

He has booked a place on a space craft and plans to see the earth from far away with a number of others whose pockets are no doubt filled with more than penny apples.

The well known Apprentice advisor, author, charity fundraiser and car salesman is fully confident of coming back, judging by his comments at the launch of the Celbridge Business Association.

After being launched up to the microphone by master of ceremonies Cllr. Frank O’Rourke at Celbridge GAA premises last Thursday May 17, he said he had booked Dromoland Castle for his 100th birthday.

“Believe you will live to 100,” he told the gathering in a storm of positive thinking.

His grandmother, a heroine of his, lived to be a 100, and he believes he will do so as well.

She used make him stand in front of a mirror and say: “I’m the greatest.”

Sports wise, he was a great footballer and told how he turned down the chance of a career with Manchester Utd in the late 1950’s because the then wages did not sound too good,

On the question of whether the current era can be described as “tough times,” he told the gathering they had a roof over their heads. “We have to adapt to 10 yeas ago,” he said, pointing out when he danced with 200 others in O’Connell Street in 1945, “no one had shoes”.

We may see less of him on television this year. TV3 is not doing The Apprentice, apparently, because the €100,000 budget is not available from marketing sources in this strained economic times. Perhaps RTE will be interested, he said.

If there are problems on your horizon, Mr. Cullen won’t be very tolerant of your moaning.

If you are asked about how things are going, don’t say: “Not too bad. Say fantastic, terrific, mighty.”

Dump the negatives, he told the business audience.

And if you think the term, “no problem,” is good to say, Mr. Cullen does not agreed with you. “They are the two most negative words in the language.”

Celbridge Business Association is made up of a number of local business owners who have come together to help promote all Celbridge businesses to both residents and visitors to the town.

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