Waterways Ireland “sorry” for Sallins delay

Works stopped at Sallins Canal.  Photo Tony Keane

Works stopped at Sallins Canal. Photo Tony Keane

Waterways Ireland has apologised to Sallins residents and canal boat dwellers for a delay in the work to upgrade facilities along the canal bank.

It follows a row which erupted when WI introduced a new scheme of charges for people with boats on the waterway and moved all boat dwellers further up the canal - to facilitate the construction work. It’s not yet clear when work will resume on the canal or whether new contractors will be appointed.

WI has refused to be drawn on the possible financial consequences of the delay or how whether the stalling of the project will push the completion date into next year. A WI representative acknowledged that boat dwellers had been moved from the section of the village overlooking the waterway a couple of hundred of metres away in the shadow of a derelict building.

This has been the second delay to the Sallins project - the first occurred as a result of “procurement difficulties”. WI says it’s not envisaged that the “current difficulties” will result in any reduction in the “quality and standard of the completed project.”

The work will provide houseboat moorings for a dozen boats. There will also be berths for visitors and the area will be landscaped with high quality trees. Houseboats were to take up moorings this month - and that deadline won’t now be met.




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