Water quality issues for Kildare’s sources

The Liffey at Leixlip.

The Liffey at Leixlip.

ALMOST three quarters of Kildare’s water supplies are at good or high status but some need improvement the most up to date progess report on water management plans show.

The majority of good status waters are found in the eastern and northern part of the county within the Easter River Basin area but just one of the four Kildare lakes is described as “good.”

Leixlip reservoir has been assigned “a moderate status, “ said the Eastern River Basin Management plan’s latest progress report. Problems with the water, which include 19 groundwater sources, include wastewater, agricultural discharges and unsewered properties

Environment Minister, Alan Kelly, is seeking comments on the “Timetable and Work Programme for the Development of the Second Cycle River Basin Management Plan which are published to comply the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) (Article 14).

The WFD requires member States to manage their water resources to be at least ‘good’ ecological status. First published in July 2010, planning for the second cycle of management plans is underway. This new consultation document (available at www.environ.ie), published 1 August, wants views of interested parties on the approach proposed for the second cycle of plans which will be adopted in 2017 and will run until 2021.

Email submissions to waterq@environ.ie.




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