Traffic danger for Naas students

Pedestrian crossing at North Main Street, Naas.                Photo Tony Keane.

Pedestrian crossing at North Main Street, Naas. Photo Tony Keane.

THERE is a risk to the safety of pedestrians crossing the main street in Naas, claims a local representative

Students attending St. Mary’s College are not afforded enough time to cross North Main Street (between McDonald’s and Barker & Jones) in safety after school.

Cllr. Willie Callaghan has complained about the synchronisation of the pedestrian lights at the busy Sallins road - Main Street junction.

This follows concerns raised by the school authorities about the risk of an accident as up to 1,000 students exit the school premises at 4pm from Monday to Thursday and at 1 pm on Friday, every week.

“This issue is purely about the safety of students as they try to cross the road. I want the council to examine how the lights work and how much time is given to allow people to cross the road safely. All of pedestrian crossing lights should be examined by the council because I don’t believe they are working properly, “ Naas Mayor Callaghan said.

He cited the example of the how the lights operate between the Presbyterian Church and Naas Town Hall.

“At times a pedestrian can be left standing there for 3 or 4 minutes even though no traffic is passing, he added.

- Paul O’Meara




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