Tom's Honda 50 song a big hit after Christy sings it on Late Late

AN innocent trip to a petrol station in Allenwood last June has set off a chain of events that ended with a Late Late Show performance by Christy Moore of a song written by a Cooleragh man.

The petrol stop was made by Luka Bloom, brother of Christy, and when he walked in the shop he heard a song by Tom Tuohy called My Little Honda 50.

He liked it so much that he enquired about it and was put into contact with Bob Sullivan, a friend of Tom's who had helped him put a CD of self-penned songs together earlier this year.

The next stop was a visit to Kelly's pub in Timahoe where Tom gigs regularly.

"Luka came in and said 'Good man Tom', sat down in the snug and we had a chat," Tom told the Leinster Leader. "He left with a few CDs and said he'd be in touch."

Then last Thursday, December 3, Tom got a phone call from RTE to say that Christy Moore would be performing the song on the Late Late Show the following night.

The performance by the veteran singer went down well with the Late Late Show audience, and it has been watched thousands of times on Youtube since then, as has a video Tom and Bob made earlier this summer of the song.

"At the moment, we're just replying to emails," Bob told the Leinster Leader on Monday of this week., adding that the response to the Late Late Show appearance had been phenomenal.

Bob says he sees the success of the song as a boost for the local area. And they're hoping that Christy Moore may end up recording the song early in the New Year.

Tom has been writing songs for the past 10 years. "I lived in Spain a couple of years ago and wrote one called 'Eggs'.

"At the time we had no money and no jobs and were totally broke and living on eggs because they were cheap, and one of the lads got totally sick of them."

He also lived in Salzburg, Austria where he used to busk outside Mozart's house singing his own songs.

He wrote My Little Honda 50 a couple of years back and says it is based on a true story.

"Tom used to drive a Honda 50 around Timahoe and Kildare looking for parts here and there," Bob told the Leinster Leader.

"Once while he was driving he drove the bike into the canal on a wet night. After she was pulled out she started on the first kick and Tom wanted to immortalise the Honda 50 with a fitting song!"

"I have a few more songs coming out soon as well – I've one about the driving test, which I failed a while back."

Tom says he has been singing songs in Kelly's pub for a while now, and sitting in the snug writing some as well.

"Most of the time they were telling me to get out!" he admitted.

Bob says that at the moment, they're hoping to get more CDs pressed so that local people can get their hands on the song which is fast becoming an internet favourite.


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