“The Cloak” spreads its folds over Ireland

Film on the set of the The Cloak stage-play

Film on the set of the The Cloak stage-play

Kildare’s hugely successful show, “The Cloak” is embarking on a nationwide tour next May.

Based on the story of St. Brigid and directed by Padraig J. Dunne, the producers are holding show auditions for adult professional singers on December 11 at 6pm at the Silken Thomas.

Producers Anne Marie and Andrew G. Brain explained the show will be taking in five venues with thirteen performances during May, followed by an Autumn tour, and an overseas trip in 2015. The show sold out in Kildare last September.

Padraig admitted; “The show in Kildare was a little disjointed but, we had a time frame to bring the show home that was considered impossible by many. Now the tangles have been sorted and the show flows like a mountain stream crashing over rocks and ends in a tranquil setting sending you home exhausted but happy.”

The new musical score is being written by Padraig Meredith in conjunction with Mr. Dunne. Lead dancers Michael Cahill, Nichola Kavanagh, Natasha McClellan, Kevin Lyster, Laura Battersby and Eimear O’Connor will take part.




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