South Kildare locals welcome pylon public consultation

Pylons. Pic: Tony Keane.

Pylons. Pic: Tony Keane.

Locals across South Kildare, who have been campaigning against EirGrid’s plans to build a high voltage power line, have welcomed the councils’ plans to vary the County Development Plan.

On April 28, Kildare County Council voted in favour of varying the County Development Plan (CDP) with regard to Transmission Infrastructure, Service Providers and Energy Facilities.

Grid Link Action Group acknowledged the support shown by councillors - in particular Cllr. Martin Miley Jnr, Cllr. Mark Wall and Cllr. Ivan Keatley.

The process will now allow members of the public to have their say through a public consultation period from May 6 to June 4..

Kieran Connor, Chairman of the Grid Link Action Group urged all Kildare residents, as well as those from further afield who have an interest in this issue, to make a submission to the council.

“With the direct threat of massive pylons being imposed on our county, not to mention a blight of wind farms, members of the public must engage on this issue and make their views known. It’s not enough to think that someone else will do it for you. If we do not act now then what legacy will we be leaving for our children and future generations” says Kieran.

Grid Link Action Group will host a number of workshops to inform people of the issues and how they might go about completing a meaningful submission. Further information is available on the groups Ffacebook page at

Cllr. Martin Miley, who put forward the motion, stressed; “The Council as a whole supported this which is significant for our county to be protected against the proliferation of our county with pylons. It is still government policy to push ahead with these pylons and is disappointing the central government is coming threatening local authorities that if there variation is not in line with government policy that the Minister will overrule the plan. In this day and age this beggars belief the central government once the tie the hands of local government to implement their own policy.”

EirGrid has welcomed the government review into the project and given a commitment to participate. It has said it has been very clear that concerns exist. The company had stressed it was not technically feasible to put the cables underground, and it would prove too costly.




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