Six councillors turn up at the door of flooded Newbridge home

Caroline Websdale in her flooded House.  Photo. Jimmy Fullam.

Caroline Websdale in her flooded House. Photo. Jimmy Fullam.

Six out of the nine newly elected councillors for the Newbridge and Kildare area landed on the door step of Dara Park flood victim Caroline Websdale’s home last week.

Caroline’s home, along with several other houses in Dara Park, was ruined by flash flooding on Sunday May 25 last after water and raw sewage ran through the house from heavy rain fall.

“No one from the council came out to see me but on Wednesday they sent a street sweeping truck to clean out the curbs,” said Caroline who lives in a row of four houses known locally as the ‘saucer’. “Six out of the nine councillors came to the door and promised to put it on the agenda for the first council meeting on June 6.”

According to Caroline, Paddy Kennedy, Mark Lynch, Mark Stafford, Sean Power, Suzanne Doyle and Fiona Mc Loughlin Healy all turned up with promises to ‘sing off the same hymn sheet’.

“They said we should all be singing off the same hymn sheet. My only option is if the Council buy the house off me. I won’t ever be able to sell it. The Council knew for years that this area was a flood zone. They are after getting away with it for 25 years but this is 2014 and it is no longer acceptable. The council should knock down the four houses and use the area for drainage works.”

Caroline and her family have been forced to sleep in the house since the floods amid the stench of sewage and disinfectant.

“Everything is out in the yard,” she added. “We have been sleeping here every night - we have no choice.” At the time of press the Council had failed to comment.




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