Scully says apology stands after race row revisited

Cllr. Darren Scully.  Photo Tony Keane.

Cllr. Darren Scully. Photo Tony Keane.

Cllr. Darren Scully has reiterated that his apology to black Africans for comments he made previously still apply.

A minor storm erupted last week over an interview given by the 40-year-old in a third level education journal, University Times.

This follows remarks made by the Fine Gael representative to the effect that he wouldn’t represent people of African origin. He said this in late 2011 when he was Naas Mayor and resigned from the post that November amid a flurry of criticism.

The latest controversy arose when Cllr. Scully - Fine Gael’s biggest vote getter in the Naas area - told of contacts from the African community.

The UT story quoted Cllr Scully as saying “I met with one gentleman from Uganda who said to me if you had said that you wouldn’t deal with Nigerians you would have been perfect, you know ?” Cllr. Scully said he is now considering refusing newspaper interviews. “It’s a storm in a teacup; some people are getting overexcited. I’ve apologised but for some it’s not enough. I’ve been subjected to vile abuse, much of it via email, since 2011 and it’s still going on.”




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