Questions over Newbridge estate bond expiration

Recent floods at Walshestown Park.

Recent floods at Walshestown Park.

Councillors have expressed shock and disappointment at the news that a developer’s bond for over €900,000, which is needed to complete remedial works on a flood-prone Newbridge estate, was allowed to expire in 2007, writes Laura Coates.

Following a deputation by Walshestown Park residents to Kildare County Council recently, the Kildare Municipal District meeting was told that the bank bond for €924,000, which had been provided for compliance by Roseberry Construction, expired in October 2007.

As revealed in last week’s Leinster Leader, the developer failed to renew the bond or make alternative arrangements. Residents had wanted the bank bond to be used for remedial drainage works on the estate so it could be taken in charge by KCC.

The meeting was told that, since July 2012, KCC’s Water Services Department has been monitoring the Waste Water Pump Station in the estate on an ongoing basis.

After last monh’s flooding, the Council engaged a contractor to pump out the storm water system.

KCC said a comprehensive survey, including CCTV work, is required to establish how much remedial work is needed on the public storm and foul sewerage systems in the estate. It is preparing tender documents for this work, but will only consider taking it in charge when the issues have been addressed.

KCC may have to “eat humble pie” on the issue, according to Councillor Suzanne Doyle, adding that the situation arose “a lot of it through our own negligence”.

Cllr Fiona O’Loughlin said she was “shocked that Kildare County Council had allowed this to happen”. She said that a “watching brief” should be kept by the Council on bonds.

“Serious questions should be asked as to why the bond was allowed to expire,” she said.

Cllr O’Loughlin acknowledged that there is a risk to Walshestown Park residents from cross-contamination of sewage and flood water.




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