Pylon review welcomed by South Kildare campaigners

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File photo

Gridlink Action Group, which represents people in South Kildare, has welcomed the Minister’s decision to set up a commission to review the underground V over ground options for the 400KV power line to be built from Dunstown, Kilcullen to Cork, via Wexford.

“We are pleased that our public representatives have taken on board our concerns in their representations, which along with the submissions made on the project, have resulted in this review. We would hope as part of this process that community groups will have an input into the terms of reference for the commission, to ensure the genuine concerns of the public are fully represented,” said a spokesperson.

“The quality of the commission members is proven, it would also be worth considering whether community groups could also appoint representatives of similar calibre to reinforce the transparency, which the government is putting forward. Whilst the Minister is giving responsibility to Eirgrid to conduct the cost benefit analysis, and also permits the commission to retain advisors, We would request that funding is also extended to the representative community groups to retain technical advisors, in the interest of fairness and balance.”

“Whilst we welcome the decision to review the process for Gridlink and Grid West, we were surprised that the North south line was not included in the remit of this commission,” it added.

“Eirgrid have indicated that they are going to continue with route selection, if they do this prior to completing this review this would significantly undermine our confidence in this review as the routes to be chosen for underground will be different from over ground.”

Meanwhile, Eirgrid has announced a community fund and compensation package for areas near affected by the final selected route.




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