Public urged to be vigilant as storm fallout assessed in Kildare

Fallen tree

Fallen tree

Members of the public are advised to remain alert as further heavy rainfall and high winds are forecast for Kildare tomorrow (Friday, February 14).

Kildare County Council issued a statement this morning after its crisis management team met to monitor the fallout from the storm.

“Kildare County Council crews are this morning working to deal with issues arising from yesterday’s storm. Particular emphasis will be given to removing fallen trees and debris. Members of the public, particularly motorists and pedestrians, are asked to continue to take care and be cautious particularly when travelling on minor roads where fallen trees and debris may remain,” it said.

It explained that electricity cables had fallen in some areas, as well as trees and the assistance of the ESB was required in those instances.

“Extreme caution must be taken in the vicinity of fallen cables and members of the public should not approach under any circumstances. Given that there are some areas in the county without electricity this morning people are asked to check on elderly and vulnerable neighbours who may need assistance. The council is mindful that further heavy rainfall and high winds is forecast for tomorrow afternoon, Friday. The level of rainfall forecast may result in flooding in some vulnerable areas. Home and business owners within flood risk areas are advised to take appropriate precautions and continue to be prepared,” it added.

The council asked landowners to check and secure their properties today, in preparation for further bad weather, particularly in areas adjacent to roadways. They urged them to remove damaged trees where necessary.

“Generally, the public should avoid flooded areas and walkways close to watercourses. The Council’s Crisis Management Team met this morning and will continue to monitor the situation over the coming days,” it concluded.




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